Prior Service


Feb 2, 2018
Any prior service applicants heard anything yet? I know it's a waiting game, I was just curious if anybody knew anything about the timeline being different or so on.
MRT, just curious. Did your notification come in the mail, or through your chain of command or something like that?
So because I didn't have a congressperson, the recruiter for priors called me (CPT Mason) but we also just swapped commanders so my old commander could have been notified. My address got messed up so I didn't get the certificate until a couple weeks later.
Well I forgot to say congratulations! The waiting is killing me, I'm hoping to hear before I PCS. It's a strange shift from rushing to get the entire application done in less than two months, and just sitting around now.
Thanks! Just in case, I would make sure you keep your information updated on the portal, or just change your address to your parent's or someone reliable that isn't moving anytime soon. It really is a rush but you can't go wrong prepping physically for it just in case. Good luck!