Pro America Drill COmpetition Huge Success!

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    The world's only civilian-based blade-only exhibition drill competition,
    Pro America (ProAm10), brought to you by the International Association
    of Exhibition Drillers (IAXD) and the World Drill Association (WDA), was
    a huge success!

    This year's competition was held at Pasquatank County High School in
    Elizabeth City Nort...h Carolina. Competitors came from New York, Florida
    and as far away as Roswell, New Mexico and many other states. There were
    over 25 competitors in the three categories: Tetrad, Tandem and Solo.
    Audience and competitor feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This
    year's Grand Champion was Army Sgt. Andres Ryan of the Army's Third
    Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard.

    Civilian-based? While there are members of each branch of the Armed
    Forces who have competed in Pro America, some are in Jr or Sr ROTC but
    most of the competitors are Independent Drillers.

    Blade-only? ProAm is a bayonet-only drill competition.

    IAXD: Please visit for all of the information.

    WDA: This year the WDA (WDA Manual) supplied the
    adjudication process along with trained judges. The judges were trained
    in the five-caption judging system along with much more. More to come
    from the WDA in the future.

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