profile update- rising junior- what else should i do?

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    Since its now summer and i have just returned from STEM (It was the BEST summer camp i have ever been to- highly recommended for anyone else to apply) and becoming really anxious to apply, I would like to know how i stack to to the typical appointee.

    GPA- 3.8 unweighted, 4.7 weighted
    ACT- 31 math, 28 eng, 27 reading, 26 science- I do plan on taking it in September

    courses taken
    (all MYP/pre-IB, weighted like honors)
    algebra 1, algebra 2, geom, pre-cal
    bio, physics, chem
    world history

    multimedia- a computer course- non MYP
    af jrotc 1-2- not honors

    courses to be taken
    (all IB or AP)
    US history- also AP
    bio 2
    cal BC- also AP
    IB Art
    Span 5

    boy scouts- still a life- should get eagle soon, going to be my 6th year
    been senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, and patrol leader
    also an OA Chapter Chief and chapter secretary
    AF JROTC- staff- ops squadron commander-1st Lt.

    quizbowl- 2010 SC 3A/4A State Championship team
    rocket team- TARC National Finalist Team
    also won a regional science fair in physics

    sports- will do track for the upcoming year

    community and service
    logged in about 100 hours from the past 2 years
    some done with boy scouts and some done on my own
    I also joined a church recently and do intend on helping out whenever needed

    What do u guys recommend to improve my chances?
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    So far, so good! Keep working on your GPA; you're good, but you know you can be better, and that will be to your benefit. Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss your interest in the service academies (if you encounter opposition to your objective, have a parent attend the meeting with you). (BTW, keep your parents apprised of what and how you are doing, this may be a difficult decision for them.) Ensure that you are going to be able to work AP chem, physics, calc, and grammar/composition into your schedule between now and graduation.

    Visit and for opportunities to visit NAVY in the next couple of years; eg, STEM as a rising junior, NASS as a rising senior, or a sports camp. Also, NAVY hosts an Eagle Scout event in January that may be available. It is important to us and to you/your family that you see firsthand what Annapolis is about.

    Make contact with your local Members of Congress offices to let them know you are interested in the service academies so you can get on their mailing lists. MOC's often host service academy events that can provide you with updated admissions information.

    Be alert to opportunities to meet with midshipmen who are in your local area. NAVY hosts OPINFO events in many areas with midshipmen who are available specifically to meet with local young people who are interested in NAVY. Your counselor may be aware of these events, or you may check with the Area Coordinator for your area - has the listing.

    Best wishes in your efforts and make your early interest work for you!

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