Project GO conflicts with CIET

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Dzall, Feb 24, 2015.

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    I'm currently a contracted MS1, and I recently found out that I have been admitted to three Project GO programs, including the opportunity to study Arabic in Jordan. My cadre have not received much conclusive information about CIET, but have said that it is very likely that I will go. All of the Project GO programs I have been offered end up conflicting with the possible CIET dates we have received. I would much prefer to spend 8 weeks in Jordan than spend 4 weeks at Fort Knox, especially considering that the last few classes of officers have graduated fully qualified without ever going to CIET. What are my options? Could I defer CIET to Sophomore year? Could I appeal to cadet command to allow me to not do CIET? What is the likelihood that cadet command would force me to drop all three of my Project GO options simply to attend CIET? Any answers would help.
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    Talking to your Cadre about the options you mentioned will be the best idea.
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    My son is going to study Arabic abroad. He was told that he could do the CIET training next summer. I agree that you should speak with your Cadre.

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