Project GO: Eventual Incentive Pay


Feb 16, 2016

I am currently a rising MS3 Army ROTC cadet who is currently studying Beginner Level Arabic in a Project GO program. I have had a normal progression in my class, and my professor states that he believes that I should be at an Intermediate Low-Novice High Proficiency by the time my session concludes.

My question is regarding Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (FLLP). I understand I get OML credit for Project GO and having a certain level of language proficiency for a critical language, and have read up on FLLP in general.

1)How do I test to receive recognition of this critical language knowledge?
2) Do I receive pay as a cadet?
3) How much?

Of course, I'm very grateful for this opportunity to learn a new language on the DOD's dime, as I recognize how this is truly a once in a lifetime experience, but I was just wondering how to formally receive credit through the Army. Thanks for any possible help!