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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Crusader 6, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Hello, first post here on the forums, thought you guys could probably help me out.

    I just finished the application process, the fitness test was my last part and I submitted my scores yesterday. I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to gauge my chances of getting in, or at least tell me what is going to hurt me about my application.

    I'm pretty sure my interview went really well. I talked to an LTC at Oregon State University and the interview lasted about an hour. We talked forever, and we were able to relate to one another on a few levels. A couple of times he even said "people like us" when referring to a mutual dislike of a job that would keep you cooped up indoors and a mutual interest in engineering. He had also asked if I was applying to USMA because of my SAT scores and a few other aspects of my application.

    My academics are pretty top notch, I have a 3.9 GPA, all IB classes (greater than or equal to AP in most people's eyes) I'm involved in multiple clubs at school including Model United Nations and I was club president of the young republicans club in my junior year. I will have played golf all four years in HS, with this year as team captain.

    My PFT is my biggest concern. I was not adequately prepared, and my running score reflects that in a big way. I did 51 pushups, 38 situps, and my mile was 8:42. I recognize how serious it is that I get myself conditioned for running ASAP. I'm not overweight or anything, I've just never been much of a runner.

    Do you think my running score could prevent me from getting a scholarship? If so, would I be able to retake the PFT and submit it before the December board?

    Thanks in advance
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    If the LTC thought you were a viable candidate for an SA I would take that as a very positive sign.

    The run is going to hurt you from a point score, did you discuss this with him? Was he able to see that on your record. IF not, contact him as a follow up and get his perspective.

    We can all give chances, but the person who really knows how big of an impact this will be is them. He knows what the competition looks like that is applying to this school, we don't.

    I know not giving you a chance answer doesn't help, but hopefully giving you contact them will help. When you call or email him just politely remind him of who you are...give the date of when you met, your background stats, and then say we never discussed my PFT and I was wondering if my run of 8:42 will hurt my WCS very much. Remember they are busy, so you might want to try emailing him first.
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    If anything is going to hurt, it's the run and curl ups. The Curl ups are low, but passing, as long as you didn't fail in the middle, and you used the whole time to do curl ups, you just did them slow. The run you REALLY need to get that down. The PFT requries a two mile run in under 15:54. Your time equates to over 17 minutes.

    Also, you missed the first board by a few day. Not that it is going to really hurt you, but with the academic tats you have, you probably could have made the first board (depending on your SAT/ACTs.)

    Anyways, best of luck
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    if you are getting a feedback that says you are good enough for SA, you are a terrific candidate for the ROTC scholarship.

    That said, you do need to get admitted to a school where you can use the scholarship. The matching of the school and scholarship is an important consideration. Putting together the school of intent is a very important part of ensuring this. This issue has been discussed ad nauseum. Just check a few past posts of mine and also read the replies and comments by other adults in the same thread.

    Regarding the fitness test, my guess is, you can retake the physical fitness test. Since you did not meet the Oct board deadline, you have not been boarded yet, and as such, can update/change your application.

    My son took initially army physical fitness test. It's 2 min curl up, sit up, and 2 mile run. Later he also took the required presidential physical fitness test and submitted the results because of the feedback by the lady who does the paperwork for the ROTC scholarship. She said, "the computer program is looking at all the check marks and numbers, and automatically assigning points and scores. the fact that the entry says 14 minutes (because it's a 2 mile run) is not good even though it is noted below that it's a 2 mile run. You are still losing points".

    The fact that my son was able to supply more tests and update the numbers tells me that you should be able to resupply new test results since your file is not officially closed yet.

    If I were you, I would find out whether you can retake the test. If so, do some prep work, retake the test and submit good numbers.

    Good luck.
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