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May 23, 2021
I am looking for any advice when it comes to running for the prt and plebe summer. Just for some history, I have been pretty athletic my whole life and do not really have any struggle when it comes to push-ups, pull-ups, planks, sit-ups, etc. That being said running is definitely something that I struggle with. Before the CFA I had about a 10:30 mile and in 2 weeks was able to get that to a 7:30 mile, but in order to be able to pass the prt I have to have about a 6:30 mile pace. After having to take awhile off from running I now am running about a 7:00 mile at full effort but I have not been able to get it any lower the past couple weeks. I know plebe summer will help me prepare but I want to go into the summer being able to pass a prt before I even get there. Please if you have any advice just let me know!

Also if it helps I'm a male and about 5'8" at 155 lbs. Thanks!
I'd recommend talking to your HS cross country or track coach. Explain what you're trying to do, what your goals are, etc. I'm sure the coaches would help you create a plan.
In order to pass the PRT, you need a 7 min/mile pace.

You can consult coaches, friends, and the internet for running plans, but honestly all you need to do is put in more miles.

At your size, passing the PRT is very feasible. Start adding more long runs to your training and mix in some 400 meter intervals. It won't take too long to turn your current 7:00 min mile into a 6:15.
At 5’8” and 155lbs puts you right at the healthy weight.

A distance runners weight is usually 5-10% less than your above weight .... ~145lbs

I am not suggesting that you loose 10lbs before I-day, as this would be too much stress on your body. But there are ways of improving your workouts and diet to achieve better results.
The best way to make meaningful and lasting gains is to mix slow long runs with fast short runs. It’s not as simple as just running. You need a plan, and I agree with the advice above to consult with your school’s track/XC coach. Alternatively, you can consult websites such as, which have canned programs for different goals.

Whatever you do, don’t overtrain before I-Day. Better to show up a bit slow but uninjured, than hobbled by shin splints or stress fractures. As it is, many plebes suffer both during plebe summer. Better you NOT get a head start on that front.
Agree with counsel from a XC coach or track coach. Getting tips on your stride is huge, and interval training plan in place. Stay healthy!!!!! Also, our DS was not a runner, but he swears that running with a group of other exhausted plebes while being yelled at does wonders for one's personal best time.
And, it's always easier to run with others alongside you. Stay healthy first and foremost. And congrats!!! Our DS in on the yard for 2 summer school sessions (voluntary) so he is experiencing the other side of plebe year and is loving it. You have a lot to look forward to.
We learn to play tennis. We learn to do gymnastics. And, if we're smart, we learn to lift weights properly.

We have to learn to swim. Most people know that swimming is partly fitness and a lot technique. Someone who has efficient strokes through the water will cover a lot more territory in a lot less time with a lot less effort.

We don't think about learning to run and, as a result, many never learn how to run properly / efficiently. Poor technique mean you'll put in a lot more (unnecessary) effort. So fully agree on consulting a running coach / trainer to see if there are things you can do to maximize your effort. You still have to put in the miles. Interval training is still key. Having a good stride / good technique will make all that work much more productive.
Lots of great advice on here. If you are from a larger area or city, check with your local running store. Most running stores have running groups, coaches and other activities to really build the local running community. Many times a lot of these are free or they can reference you to coaches. Your high school track and cross country coaches, if available, can help. Lots of help with technique, programs and even group runs with different paces. Key part with a month out… don’t get hurt. Stretch, hydrate and keep that base conditioning. There are exercises and icing you can do to prevent shin splints, do them. Google or you XC coaches will know these. Your pace going into the summer is good. You will get faster over the summer.
Mileage, mileage, mileage... You are only a few weeks away from Plebe Summer, and you are in better running shape than you give yourself credit for. Make sure to give yourself a week to taper down prior to arrival... You want to show up on I-Day with a good base and fresh legs. I wouldn't sweat it. Running is always a progression. Your aim is to be better next week than you are this week. And that progression will continue throughout Plebe Summer if you show up healthy.
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80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald is a book with some good plans on how to improve overall mileage and speed. It endorses 80% low intensity 20% high intensity. You can skip some of the beginning if you don't need to know the "why" of the plan. There is also a website: 80/20 Running