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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by midshpmn, Oct 16, 2009.

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    When my parents went through divorce court, my father took me to a psychologist under the recommendation of the Department of Social Services even though I did not have mental problems. I saw the psychologist once a month while the custody case was going on. The case took about a year and I saw the psychologist once every two months after that for another two years under recommendation of the Department of Social Services. I was never diagnosed with a mental illness and never placed on medication. Question 77 on the Report of Medical History forms asks "Consulted, or been treated by clinics, hospitals, physicians, healers, or other practitioners for other than minor illnesses?"

    Should I check yes or is this question for more serious situations like suicide prevention and addiction counseling? Also, will divorce/custody counseling like I had disqualify me by DODMERB?
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    Your best bet is to ask Larry Mullen, Deputy Director of DODMERB. Send an email to the address in the sticky above with your full name and the last four of your SSN. He answers super-quick and his answer is the only one that counts.:smile:
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    USNA1985 - He did and it was answered.?:thumb:

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