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    What does PT for Navy ROTC usually consist of? I'm a 17 year old girl and my physical level is not the strongest. I can do 24 push ups, 62 sit ups and run for 15 minutes without stopping. That's obviously not what I'm hoping for and I'm working on improving my fitness level. I'm curious about pt and what midshipmen do with the unit. How many miles do they usually run during orientation week? Are navy option midshipmen expected to be able to do pull ups?
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    It's whatever your unit wants to do. Our unit focuses on cardio one day and then strength training the next so it varies. I recommend being active at least 5-6 days/week to improve your numbers for the PFA. Try doing pyramids for both push ups and sit ups or do a max set every night when you have down time. It's worked for me. As for pull ups our unit does the Murph workout which is a mile, push ups, pull ups, air squats, followed by a mile. We do a mini murph which is half the numbers. But females in our unit does arm hangs, some do pull ups. Up to you.

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