PTR paperwork - Medical Record - Supplemental Medical Data form


Mar 30, 2017
Hello, As we plow thru the PTR paperwork, we're a bit stumped about the "Medical Record - Supplemental Medical Data." Even our DS's doctor was unsure. Instructions say to complete and bring with you to Iday. We're confused about the purpose of this form -- Is it used only if some "supplemental" medical info to required, or do all reporting Plebes need to fill this out? If so, what is the "Requiring Document" the top of the form refers to? Thank you!!
I believe it is really meant for the immunization station as authorization for vaccines. I left the requiring document blank as I assumed it is something filled out by USNA. Hopefully someone who has gone through that paper before can share some insight!
The Naval Academy has been our MTF for 16 years. This is the consent form to authorize the immunizations.
Just looked at a copy from last year. Agree with @nolamomma. Two blocks down it says: NHCA IMMUNIZATION GENERAL CONSENT (NHCA stands for Naval Health Clinic Annapolis). No need to show it to a doctor, as it's basically a bunch of questions asking for yes/no responses.
What about the Mantoux Skin Test form? After I had my skin test read and recorded on the yellow immunization record, I noticed on the checklist that we have to have a separate form that our doctor has to provide as proof that the skin test was performed. Is the section on the yellow immunization sheet not enough proof of our skin test results? I just want to make sure before I send everything off.
The Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) in the middle of the IMMUNIZATION RECORD, with Date of PPD and Reaction recorded is all he had last year. The form is signed by his doctor. No issues.
Agree with Nap. It is a standard history form for an immunization station.