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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by WestPoint2017, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Nov 5, 2012
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    I am by no means giving up hope, but out of curiosity when are QNS letters sent? Are they sent in a big wave in June or starting in April? What's the timetable for these? Whatever it is, I hope I'm not on it.
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    Mar 2, 2013
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    That's right, it's not settled until a nice and pretty BFE arrives, or a QNS letter in its place. (Though 2018 is a new year!)
    I spoke to Major Dermanoski (Far West) recently and he said that many of them do go out in April albeit not in one big wave, so to speak. He informed me that he's starting to send his QNS letters out to applicants he can safely rule out and is doing so long ahead of most of the other RC's. So really, it depends on where you're from, you could get it sooner or later.
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    Some have gone out. Seen a couple posters here and other places that have said so.

    Admissions tries to let everyone know soon, so that everyone can proceed with their respective plans.

    Last year I received my QNS the week the BFE's started going out, but this year is a lot different of course.
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    My DS got his today......... he read it with his head held high. His SA opportunities for this year are now closed and final.

    He's previously accepted a 4 yr. AROTC scholarship to VA Tech for Engineering and I'm sure he'll be successful in the Corps of Cadets.

    Not sure if he'll try to reapply next year from ROTC, but he indicated he will submit for a Presidential nom this summer as it is automatically given.

    It will be up to him. After receiving a TWE already from USNA, his attitude has sort of been: "No worries - it will all work out."

    (Wish I could be as calm as he is. :biggrin:)
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    Sorry to hear of the TWE


    Sorry to hear of your DS TWE. On the other hand I'm glad you have closure at this point in time. Also glad his Plan C is in place. VA Tech Engr is a great school and has a solid corp of cadets. I will be watching for posts to see if he decides to reapply next year. If he plans for a presidential mom, it sounds like he is already thinking that.

    His attitude is mature and shows how much honor he possesses. No matter the current outcome, he is being tempered now for success in the military and life in general. My best wishes to him and you.

    Many of you cannot imagine how much those of us who have been blessed with BFEs are following your stories and hoping for good news for you or your DS/DD. Your comments and encouragements to others show your selflessness. Those who have applied multiple times (tug_boat DS) show your committment and persistence and my heart goes out to you. I can't imagine going through this process again. Until we hear otherwise you will all remain in our thoughts and prayers.

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