qualify for admission board w/o BGO?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by vjb16, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I've turned in every part of my application and cleared my medical, but I still haven't done my BGO interview. My BGO was changed several times, and some of them never contacted me, or only sent me a form letter.

    I finally have an interview scheduled for September 10th. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I've missed the window to be considered during the first board meetings, which was my plan. Will they look at an application without a BGO interview? Has this been heard of? I did attend NASS, so they have an interview/evaluation from that. Could that stand in the place (temporarily) of my BGO interview?
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    As a general rule, they won't look at your packet until your BGO interview is done. If your packet has been complete for some time (i.e., a month) and the BGO interview hasn't occurred, they will review it w/o the interview.

    Sep. 10th isn't fatal. Seriously. The fact your application is 100% complete is NO guarantee that it will go before the Board before Sept. There is a backlog. As others have said, anyone who needs an MOC nom won't hear about an appt until Feb. or March (usually). Most won't hear that they're scholastically qualified until much later this fall/winter.

    Don't panic. People take vacations during the summer. USNA doesn't expect BGOs to complete all of their interviews before Sept. You won't be penalized.

    Now, if you can't find a mutually convenient date until November, that's a different story.

    And, no, NASS doesn't replace your BGO interview.

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