Quarters instead of Trimesters

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    I've heard some of you mention that the academy used to use quarters instead of trimesters. I heard from my DS during his 10 day summer vacation (he's an EMT) that he's heard the academy may go back to quarters.

    So my question is how do they work? I assume they would take fewer classes per quarter. If they average 17 credits x 3 per year, then would they take 13 credits x 4 per year?

    How does sea year work do they go out 6 months each 3rd and 2nd class years or 3 and 9 months?

    I just wondered what advantages quarters had over trimesters and what are the disadvantages that made them move away from quarters last time they used them?

    Thanks for your insight
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    It was 10 week quarters and no, you didn't get a reduction in credits. Around 18-20 was still the norm. We used to have some classes that were I and II, that became just a I in the transition to trimesters. I dont know how many credits they graduate with these days but I ended up with around 240.

    You were in residence for your whole 4th and 1st class years. Half of 3rd and 2nd where spent out at sea. There was only an A-split and B-split with A being at sea Dec-June and B going to sea June-Dec.

    I don't know why they made the switch to trimesters. Frankly I never understood it, it has always seemed like a more complicated system.

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