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    My DD is planning to apply next year for the Class of 2017. She takes AP classes in high school and the office just sent a bill for $167 to sit for two AP exams. My question is this: Since the exams are for determining college credit and the CGA does not factor that credit, is it necessary to incur this expense? She will still be required to take her instructor's in-class exam and have the AP credit on her transcript.

    Objee, I'd be particularly interested in hearing from you about this.

    P.S. I realize an appointment is not guaranteed, so it may be smart to pay for the AP exams anyway in case she wants to apply the credit to her back up school, but I strictly want to know how the CGA views this for now.
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    Different departments at CGA have different course validation requirements.

    A score of 4 or 5 may be enough to validate a 4/c course in one subject, while a 4 or 5 plus a passing grade on a CGA-administered exam may be required for another, and yet a different CGA course may only accept the results of the validation exam at CGA regardless of the AP test score.

    IMHO - I would recommend she take the AP tests. Appointments are very competitive, and she is a long way from even starting the application. Better to have that Plan B in place.
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    I agree with Luigi59 wholeheartedly. The Coast Guard will see an AP class and her grade in said class. However, they won't see her exam results unless she chooses so. What this means, is they (exams) are not necessary for the Academy. In addition, unless she scores 4s and 5s after 4s and 5s, it won't mean much in terms of her academic competitiveness. "Passing" an AP exam, from what I've heard from Air Force Academy liaison officers, means next to nothing until you're already in. (I.e., they won't help on the application but may allow the student to be given credit). I know the Air Force and Coast Guard are typically different in broad terms, but in this case, I highly doubt they are.

    However, service academy appointments are ridiculously competitive. Even if she does everything right with absolutely no flaws, she may still not get in. It's always best to have a reliable back up plan, ESPECIALLY when the primary plan is a service academy. If costs are an issue, talk to her counselor about it. I know there are scholarships out there reserved for the AP exams. In addition, it's possible that the school corporation itself will assist in the cost of said exams.

    Good luck to both of you!

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