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Apr 20, 2022
How lenient is the academy on using your own computer instead of the computer package. I know they want you to have a tablet laptop, but I prefer the laptop (not touchscreen) I already have. Will they allow me to use this laptop instead
You can use your own laptop, but before it is connected to the KP server, you will have to give it up to the IT department to have it scrubbed of anything they deem potentially harmful.. If something goes wrong with your device, there will be no one to repair it for you and no likelihood of a loaner while it is down. You will have to take your device on sea year where it will undoubtedly take a beating during travel and in rough seas aboard ship. Most people who tried to avoid buying the KP package regret it. I will add that my DD wishes she did not buy the printer they offer. Many plebes and mids ended up throwing their printer away in favor of the available better quality printers available in each company and the n the library.
+1 for Get the package.

As a Plebe - you want to assimilate and not provide reasons to be "different." It likely doesn't make sense today, but you really want to blend in during your Plebe year. After the first year, you can see where the opportunities are for individual differences and rule exceptions. The school has a support system for the masses - not the edge cases. Like @kpmom2013 references, the onsite repair center has parts or capacity to work on the official issued model for the class. As soon as you have a problem with individual gear that is different, you are outside of their ability to support you and you find yourself on your own - with limited time and resources. This makes it more difficult than you need at that point in life.
For the computer package, is there a docking station/monitor, or is it laptop only. I just wonder as I am much more productive at a desktop.
Yes - they have been using the latest Microsoft Surface tablet, with dock, keyboard, and the secondary monitor is an optional purchase.
Just want to chime in here. Highly suggest getting the package from the Academy through the Nex store. It will make life much easier when dealing with warranty, repair etc.

And if using the surface pro is not to your liking, highly suggest getting a Dell Inspiron or the Latitude line of laptops. As the Academy mainly uses Dell products, supporting Dell laptops is very straight forward.

If Dell is not to your liking, please STAY AWAY from the following brands.

Apple/Macbook/iMac - Unless you think you can convince the DOT to change the policy.
Lenovo - Same, banned by DOT policy.
HP, MSI and Acer - of these 3, HP is the worst, as their drivers don't behave well with the Academy's software. Both MSI and Acer from experience just don't last.

Just use Dell, less headache.

Remember, your kids will be carrying the laptops/tablet around all day. The ease of getting service is important.

Also, most MN will bring an extra/backup laptop with them during sea year, as to avoid long delay in shipping replacement to their port of call in case their primary computer dies. So might want to budget accordingly. Not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended.
Recommend buying the computer package WITH the warranty. If you bring your own computer and it does not meet the security standards, you will have a delay in access to the network/emails/class work.
buy the package, but, you can bring your own as well, if you want to work on the laptop offline and transfer files etc to the surface.

Having a second device is a good safety measure
Get the package, it's worth it. You would have to turn it in on reporting day to have the academy's software downloaded and that could take weeks. Since you need the tablet for classes, you would immediately be behind. Printers are not required anymore in the package so you don't need to worry about one. Save the laptop as a back up for sea year.
Do not bring anything that is not on the he list of required items. The strict application of this rule varies by company leadership, but I would not risk it. If your plebe wants his own laptop, bring it on Parents Weekend.
Do not bring anything that is not on the he list of required items. The strict application of this rule varies by company leadership, but I would not risk it. If your plebe wants his own laptop, bring it on Parents Weekend.
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