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    So It is going to be time here soon for me to email my reps and apply to SLS. I was talking to my dad today and the question of nominations came up. To the point, I am wondering how nominations will work with me applying to 3 different service academies. Will I have to nominated to all 3, or will being nominated just label me as nominated and i will only have to be nominated once?
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    Each nomination is for a specific spot at a specific academy. Each representative can nominate up to 10 candidates against that specific spot. Only one of those 10 will win that spot, but having the nomination makes you qualified to other spots at that specific academy.

    You can apply to all the academies, but the representative is likely to ask you to rank your preference and in most cases, you will only get a nomination to one academy. You'll need to know which academy is your preference and why.

    As for timing, you won't be able to apply for the nomination until the summer between your junior/senior year.
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    You will rank your order of preference on your nomination applications. You must have a nomination to be appointed to an academy (except for USCGA). If you are applying to 3, you have to have 3 noms. Depending on where you live, this may/may not be possible. If you are in a state that doesn't have many who apply to an SA, it's possible that one of you MOCs can add you to all three slates.
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    And some congress members don’t rank the ten but allow the academy to make the choice. These are question you should call and ask. Ask how competitive your area maybe also. But all of this is out of your control. What you do have control of is how well you have prepared yourself. The only competition you have is with yourself. The academies are looking for individuals who are well rounded and can keep up with the demands of academics. They academies are going to make a huge investment into you and they want the best candidate they have confidence in to be leaders. So they look for three pillars, Academic, Athletics, and Leadership.

    SLE from last year has been cut in half for West Point. It’s more competitive to be selected to SLE than it is to get in the academy. Is it necessary to attend? No. It’s not a requirement.

    I still encourage you to apply but also apply for Boys State and finish up your Eagle Scout rank if you are a Boy Scout. These two programs have a check box in your application.

    Good Luck, you can do it!! And if you have other questions, you know where to look.

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