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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by curiousparent, Dec 17, 2015.

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    My DS received an LOA from USNA in October, conditional on receiving a nomination. He received his nomination last week. All is great, except he dislocated his shoulder playing lacrosse in early November. He had already been through the DODMERB exam, and was qualified prior to his injury.

    He notified his admissions counselor immediately when he was injured, which then generated a remedial status at DODMERB. He was advised by the admissions counselor to start sending in medical records paperwork, even though he would not have all the paperwork complete for a few months until his shoulder has healed, to start sending information to DODMERB. So, we sent in what we had so far.

    His status is now DQ at DODMERB. We are planning to continue to send in records as we get them, in hopes of getting a medical waiver. His doctor believes he will be fully functional well ahead of I-day.

    So, we are in total limbo right now. Does anyone know exactly what happens next? Is there a "drop dead date" on receiving a waiver in time for I-day? Is there anything additional that we should do? This has been pretty stressful, so any words of wisdom would be very helpful!
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    I was DQ'd by both USMA and USNA for shoulder instability. USMA gave me a waiver with no additional information needed, USNA needed more information before they gave me a waiver. About 1 year had passed between the time of my instability and the time that I received the waiver. Most people I have read about were successful in receiving a waiver for shoulder instability, but since your son's case of instability was so recent he may not be as fortunate. If you search "shoulder instability" or "dislocation" and stuff of that nature on this forum you can find other people that were in your DS's shoes and if they were successful in receiving a waiver or not.

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