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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by nolifepilot, Dec 28, 2013.

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    I received a letter last week from USAFA that said the following:

    "We appreciate your continued interest in the US Air Force Academy. The Director, Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board, has informed us that you are medically disqualified for admission to the Air Force Academy. We have requested a medical waiver on your behalf and should the request be granted, we will continue processing your application."

    I spoke with my ALO on the subject and he informed me of the waiver process. I know that the SAs only request a waiver when a candidate is deemed competitive, so can I assume that an appointment is being considered based on their request of a waiver? Or simply that I am competitive?

    He also said that my application went before the admissions board last week, so can I expect to hear something on Jan 15th or will I have to wait until the waiver process is sorted out? My ALO spoke of a conditional appointment, what are the terms of that as well?

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    Read your "Instructions to Candidates" in the waiver section. You will find your answer there.
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    Since you have to be 3Q for an appointment, I don't think it's on the way. You status is competitive enough for them to request a wavier so that's a good sign. But unless it's granted, the appointment will fly by. You won't hear anything from admissions until your wavier is all sorted out.

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