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    We have a question that we were hoping someone could answer that might have gone through this themselves or have some first hand information on . . . .

    Our son received a LOA and of course, it was contingent on 1) completing the CFA, 2) clearing the medical and 3) obtaining a nomination. Item #1 is complete and we are having the interviews to get #3 (and the feedback has been positive so far). Item #2 is another story . . . . . apparently DODMERB has a negative policy in terms of allergy shots and academy medical approvals.

    Without going into a long story on this, what has been the experience of those that may have had allergy shots in getting past the USMMA medical portion of the application process or receiving a waiver.

    The DODMERB Disqualification Code was D123.21; History of allergy immunotherapy within the previous year

    Our son has been focused on the academy for a few years and if this is an obstacle that can be overcome, any assistance would be greatly appreciated by both us and him.

    Feel free to respond via Email if preferred.

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    We went through it.

    Did they ask for a Allergy Questionnaire to be completed and copies of all his medical records concerning the allergy treatments? Or did they bypass the Remedial and go right to Disqualification?

    My son submitted all the dated inoculation records (5 years of shots) and all the doctors notes from both the pediatrician and the allergist, along with a letter from the allergist and a letter from himself explaining how the allergy does and does not affect him.

    If you are asking for a waiver you will be sending the waiver request to the USMMA, not DoDMERB! (If the DQ is valid and the shots were received within the year, you cannot rebut the DQ, a waiver is the only route).


    Submitting all the records and the waiver request should be done immediately! Send everything up to Kings Point. The Department of the Navy-Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery must decide whether or not to grant the USMMA waiver, and they are very busy this time of year. And USMMA appointments are being delivered as we post. Sooner is better in every way concerning this matter!

    Good luck to your son.
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    I have replied to Andy (SC) via PM.

    Short and sweet, waiver was denied for USMMA due to history of allergy immune therapy within the past year.

    Applicant has been off the AIT for 3 months roughly. I advised that the applicant request his waiver be reviewed again once he hits the 4-6 month status post AIT mark. Also, and this is up to the applicant, possibly get a new evaluation from his allergist.