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    Earlier this year, I received a letter from USNA informing me that they had received my transcript, but were still waiting for the rest of my information. They also mentioned the ACT, and it seemed to me that I was required to take the essay portion. However, I had already registered for the ACT without the essay (it was like $20 cheaper, and in my family that's a lot).

    When the Academy received this score, they made no mention on the fact that there was no essay score, so my question is, does the USNA require candidates to take the essay portion as well?

    This question does not apply to me as I retook the ACT (ironically costing the family more money than if I had just signed up for the essay the first time) and three months later received an appointment to the Academy, so my question applies only to other candidates. That, and I'm curious.
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    No ACT nor SAT essay/writing required nor accepted. As bad, bad Leroy Brown mighta noted spittin' into the wind.

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