Question Regarding AFROTC

Feb 3, 2016
I was offered an appointment to VMI and I'm excited about starting my cadetship there. I'll be transferring in as a sophomore and I'd appreciate your insight: 1) does a non-tech major have any prayer of getting an AFROTC scholarship/Field Training slot? 2) Does transferring in put you at a disadvantage? 3) How do you "stand out" (for the right reasons) in the det?

Thanks again!
1) It seriously depends on the year and the needs of the Air Force at that time. This year across the board there was a 98.6 % select rate and non-techs did fine, whereas my year there was a 60% select rate and the non-tech select rate was 17%. You really never know until it happens. It's out of your hands. Scholarships are also dependent on how much $$ the AF has at the moment, so although you can have a chance at one every semester, they could decide that they aren't offering scholarships that semester.
2) Not necessarily. If you are enthusiastic about the program, push yourself in PT, become a very active member of the detachment, volunteer for things etc, your commander will notice and it will reflect in your commanders ranking. The only potential disadvantage is that your commander only really has just over one semester to get to know you rather than a year and a half. However, if you dedicate yourself to being the best cadet AND student you can be, it will be noticed and it will be rewarded.
3) See answer to 2. An important point to note is that your AS200 peers will be recognized members of the cadet corps while you (being new at VMI) will be a rat, and will have the responsibilities associated with that also. However, ROTC obligations do trump corps stuff, so make sure you're prioritizing things correctly (ROTC will get you the commission). Also, as all of this is happening, remember that academics come first because you can't commission without a degree. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!