Question to WP Alumni: Did anyone else in your HS come with you?


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Jan 28, 2008
I was wondering whether any former west point cadets or current west point cadets attend USMA with a former HS friend or student that they knew back at home. How did it turn out? Did you still maintain your friendship while you were there, or did you become rivals?
These is a yuk that my daughter knows from HS that is a year ahead of her. They were acquaintances in HS, but barely run into each other now. Rivals? They are in different companies and both are very busy with classes and different sports and responsibilities, so I doubt they have time to be rivals in anything.

Are you afraid that you and friend may have a falling out if you both go to WP? My experience having two older sons doing college has found that two strangers make better roommates than two friends. When friends start rooming together, it's usually the end of the friendship. If you and a friend both go to WP, I doubt that you'll be roommates, or even in the same company. Whatever relationship you and your friend would have will be up to you and your friend.
I know with my high school, there are quite a few appointments to service academies this year (already two with WP and AF((and hopefully me with CG)) and thats of people I personally know, there are a few others I think to private and to USNA) but I don't think there were ever any to the same academy. But the time is still young, and there may be two to WP (few are still waiting like me).

Come to think of it, this is an unusually high amount for my school this year......