Questions about the actual medical exam


Feb 13, 2023
Just as a quick question. Generally speaking, what does the medical exam (not eye) have in it? What is the procedure, what do you do , or what happens? If not specifically, what happens roughly or most likely? What am I going to most likely or will encounter?


just read up on the prerequisites (how long you cannot wear hard/soft contact lenses before the exam, what forms to have filled out that DODMEts sends to you, etc.), fill out the many forms including providing all requested medical records and contacts, and the exam itself, per candidate feedback, is no big deal. An adult has to accompany you if you are a minor. If you are female the exam is not intrusive - it's a general physical exam, eyes, ears, throat, lungs, spinal curvature, for males "turn your head and cough", "stick out your tongue and say "ahhh" , take a deep breath...ok, let it out stuff If you have medical issues there may be questions about that. If there are areas of concern, they will dive deeper, may request additional info. any results (seeing 20/20 with correction, scoliosis et al. that don't meet standards or may need to be looked at further will be documented. Just remember to not self diagnose "I think I have ______". My DS' exam was less than 1 hour, some of which was waiting for equipment to open up for their use.

Good luck to all of this year's applicants and reapplicants.