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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by k2falcon, Mar 1, 2011.

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    So its getting closer to the time when all the service academies are closing their applications but i still have some questions about DoDMERB.

    I am disqualified on account of cough variant asthma. However, DoDMERB sent me a letter on behalf of the Air Force Academy stating I was in remedial status and requested extra forms. I was wondering:

    1)if USMA wanted to extend a waiver or remedial, would a letter come specifically from USMA?
    2) I have not received any additional medical interest from USMA. Does this mean USMA is done with me?
    3) Are the additional forms i sent to DoDMERB sent automatically to each ROTC or service academy I applied to?
    4) Will USMA tell me if they do not wish to extend at least a remedial?
    5) What can I be doing now to help the processes?
    6) when the academies close their portals does this mean all DoDMERB must be cleared at that time as well?

    Any answers would be appreciated
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    1. Waiver decision letter from USMA and remedial letter from DoDMERB
    2. Check with Admissions
    3. To those Academies thast dteremine you are a valid applicant and to those ROTC programs that award you a scholarship
    4. See #1
    5 and 6. Check with the Academies

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