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    Ok, I have done some research and I still am questioning some things. I read in a post that if you are offered an AROTC scholarship and accept it you can later turn it down for any reason. I thought that when you accept the scholarship you sign a contract with AROTC, but if you receive an appointment to USMA you can say "I know I told you I was going to do this and I signed and everything, but I am going to just say no and do something else."
    Another question, if you do not get appointed to WP and you do AROTC in college via the scholarship can you apply for WP again and still be able to drop the scholarship if you get an appointment.
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    You actually won't contract with AROTC until you show up at your school. Even then in you may drop from the program before the second year for any reason.
    If you receive an appointment to USMA, you won't take the Oath until R-day. Even so, anytime before you enter your first class of your third year, you may drop for any reason.
    Appointments to USMA trumps all other Army contracts. If you are contracted either through enlistment or ROTC that contract is 'set aside' when you take the Oath on R-Day. The contract goes away completely when you graduate from USMA and your new service obligation takes effect.
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    One of the squad leaders in 4th platoon at SLS did AROTC for his freshman year at Texas Tech and decided that he wanted USMA, so he reapplied. He will be a junior at West Point this year!

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