Quick question regarding type 7 AFROTC scholarship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by mom1492, Mar 15, 2016.

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    My son has been awarded a type 7 AFROTC scholarship. He specified on his degree interest aerospace related fields and also one computer engineering. When he logged into his scholarship it gave him 5 options for course of study. He just wanted to look to see what he was offered. He then closed it out. He went back in tonight and the course of study he was most interested in is no longer there and its all computer related. Does he have to choose one of those course of study or can he contact them about going with a different course of study?
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    When I opened up the same window I thought it was a test. I selected aerospace engineering for my course of study when I applied and I figured they wanted to see if the person logging into the site was actually me, so they asked what my major was. I logged in twice and aero was there both times. Not sure if this helps but maybe alittle.
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    Was he offered a tech or a non-tech scholarship? If it doesn't specify than it means he can use it for either. I would have him try again tomorrow and if nothing changes, have him contact HQ AFROTC to see if there was a glitch in their computer system when he logged in.

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