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Nov 28, 2007
Bullet and I were talking and we wondered if anyone knows the % of candidates that have completed their files by now, including nom. Anyone have an idea? He thinks it is a low %, I disagree, what is everyone elses opinion?

BTW, I know that some nom sources have not submitted their list 2 of our 3 have not as of yet (the third only arrived on Fri. Dec 22)
I asked a friend of my s how his file was coming...he said he was getting started on it...he didn't want to put all that effort into something until he knew he had a nom(!!). I wonder how many other kids are thinking similarly.
I am complete except for a waiver on braces but other than that I completed mine at the beginning of this month.

(and I thought I was procrastinating???) :rolleyes:
My sister is a freshman at usafa and she says that about 1/3 of the appointments were already given out. It would be best to submit everything ASAP.
usafa finished processing everything last week for my application, i just need DODMERB to to update USAFA on my medical status!! on their site, it says "case closed" and "wait to be contacted by dodmerb" i have been waiting for about 2 and half weeks and no phone calls and nothing in the mail. what do i do?
Are you waiting for dodmerb to qualify you for the 1st time or is it a remedial.
thanks for that tip luigi. i went to check on it and the latest post says that my remedials have been reviewed on feb. 5th, but i dont know if i qualify or if i have to do anyting else. i guess i will call them tomorrow and ask whats up, especially because my application is going to panel this week- according to my USAFA admissions officer
If it helps, I've been waiting since November 7th to get a final status on my waiver...
well, i read on their website that when they are notified of an applicant being appointed, they will send the qualified medical papers to the academy, but i am going to call and ask them to update my status ASAP
so i called DODMERB today, and it turns out i just have to send in some records of a recent minor injury, but other than that i am good :). i am going to send the papers in as soon as possible, but the medical status can be completed after march 1, right?
Good news! My status has gone from "Waiver Denied" to "Pending Waiver Submission/Review!" YES!!!