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    Specific to SMC cadet corps, is there a path to rank that is faster than others?

    Another way to word the question, the majority of cadet commanders have what in common?
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    If I could offer some advice - while I can't speak for every SMC- I know VMI pretty intimately and have a better than passing acquaintance with West Point. There are some things that only parents and non-cadets obsess over- and rank as a Cadet is one of them. While I can't tell you what it takes to be a "ranker", I can tell you that one very good way to be disdained by most of your classmates is to come across as someone who is overly concerned with getting rank. So if you really want to be respected by your classmates as well as by the Commandant's staff etc... just do a good job at juggling your academic, physical and military requirements and don't be seen as a suckup. The rank will follow, and then at the end of it all you are all exactly in the same place- as alumni.

    I know that Parents don't understand a lot of the dynamics that go on in these places- but sometimes I think that it would be very enlightening to them to have little microphones planted in the middle of the parade ground to hear the Cadets comments in the middle of one of those glorious parades (I suspect that there would be mothers holding their fried ears all around the parade ground:eek:.) There is a definite love hate relationship that goes on at these schools and you have to distance yourself from it as a parent. While you can give useful general advice ("pull your grades up"; "make a decision before the ticket prices go up" etc...) but you just can not take everything you hear or see at face value, nor can you or should you get wrapped up in the daily challenges that your kid will be facing. It's their world and you don't really understand it because you aren't living it. So my advice- if you want to do your son and yourself a favor- don't worry about, or worry him about the military stuff: rank, demerits, penalty tours, etc... Leave the helicopter at home. You will both be happier.
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    Excellent Advice. I might add that the Corps are a learning experience. It is an opportunity for experience of command. Take what they give you and do the best with it. There will be ups and downs. (From Norwich Site) During Corps leadership training, cadets confront daily challenges that define their character as future leaders. They learn to take responsibility for their actions, and support their comrades in pursuit of a common goal. Those who rise to the mental and physical challenge of life as a cadet are rewarded with useful life skills, self-confidence and self-discipline.
    The Corps provide a daily opportunity to build relationships. Some successful and some not. It is an another leadership experience of learning. An opportunity not afforded at most colleges.
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    I graduated from The Citadel as a senior private, but on that day I became a 2LT in the U.S. Army and outranked every cadet at the school. Don't worry about cadet rank. It doesn't mean anything.

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