Quotes from the plebes (episode #2)


Jun 9, 2015
We did this at the end of plebe summer and had some great responses so I thought I would roll it again now that they have a semester under their belts. Here are a couple of interesting things my plabe son has had to say recently. Please add some of your own.

When asked how he was dealing with the dark ages- "oh I'm OK, I love this place more than I hate it"

Describing his attempt to validate swimming- "My first two laps went great, Then on the third lap I wondered why my arms weren't working right. Then on the forth lap I thought I might drown"

And this one made me realize the transformation that is occurring in him- "I have learned to keep in mind that life does get way better and there is a normal, happy world a few hundred yards away. You come here to keep it that way"
Not from my plebe, but from ADM William McRaven, who spoke at USNA last weekend: "You have to be brave enough to look your destiny in the eye and achieve it." Plebe said entire speech was "moto as EXPLETIVE DELETED". Also, they received their choker whites recently, which plebe said look "sexy as EXPLETIVE DELETED".

Observation: there's apparently some truth to the whole "swear like a sailor" thing.
From DS a few weeks ago: "Why do you want to know my new roommates' names and where they're from? You would just look up their moms on Facebook and then the 3 of you would talk to each other." Note: He would only tell me their first names.
I'm jumping ahead in time, but in my opinion, the most moving quote from DS and his entire class was after they accomplished Herndon: "Plebe No More!" It'll be here before you know it.