R-Day things again


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Jan 22, 2009
I'm searching to find out about the container the SWABS can have in their R-Day bag and the name of that marker pen to use on socks, undergarments (not the sharpie type)

Is it a shoebox size tupperware? Can they have energy bars? Dring mix?

Can someone repost please? :thumb:

Getting down to the short strokes and putting the backpack together.
I believe any permanent marker known as a "Laundry Marker" is sufficient, and most people recommend the "Rub-A-Dub" (made by Sharpie) brand.

The tupperware (shoe-box size is fine) container is best sent AFTER R-Day.

Fill it with goodies and make it your first care package. Tape down the lid, address it to your Swab, and drop it at the Academy. They usually have large rolling "mail bins" placed outside of Leamy Hall to collect them.

Energy bars, powdered drink mixes, trail mix, jerky, throat lozenges, and a nice note of encouragement would be a typical Swab care package.
If you check on the Parents Association Message List, one of the parent organizations sell the box during the R-Day events. I'm going to buy one for my swab there - the parent associations raise money to buy things for the cadets, so I know my money is well spent, even if it ends up being a little more expensive. We went to the Delaware Valley Parents Association picnic last Sunday & they said they bought the flat screen TVs in the day room in Chase Hall with $$ earned from fund raisers. Seems like a good cause!:smile:

Someone in the Message List also posted about the Rub-A-Dub markers - they say the writing lasts longer than a regular Sharpie.

Since the Message List has been activated for 2013, I must admit, my time has been divided between here and there:biggrin: Both are great sites - full of lots of valuable information!

And, my D has been busy on the Facebook site - the discussion there has been on where to buy V neck T-shirts (especially girls that need smaller sizes -- we bought out all the men's smalls at Kohl's last night:redface:)
R-Day clothes

1. Can they wear the sneakers to R-Day that they plan to use for SWAB Summer?

2. What happens to the clothes that they wear to R-Day?
Last year, my swab wore the sneakers that he planned to wear for Swab summer.

The clothes from swab summer were locked away with the backpack and other unnecessary things in the trunk room - they came home at the Holiday break in December.
Message List

Someone mentioned that a Message List was activated for Class 2013. What is a Message List and how and where do we view it? Thanks for the help.

Class 2013 Dad.
See the thread entitled Listserv for Class of 2013. This is a message board on which parents of cadets can ask questions or make comments about anything to do with the Academy. Here is a link. You must register then you can participate.

message board

The message board is operated by the USCGA parents association. There is a lot of good information on that website, and in my opinion, the organization is well worth supporting. After a certain date (I think in October) the message board is only open to USCGA parents association members......an encouragement to join.

I find it, and this forum as well, both sources of different but complimentary information.....both well worth supporting.
The bins you are speaking of, are they set out on Report In day for the care packages, or do you suggest sending it from home at a later date?
Bins on R-day

The bins are usually placed outside Leahmy Hall. there are two schools of thought about sending vs. dropping off in the bin.

If you send it before you leave, it may actually get there faster than dropping it off in the bin.....but it really doesn't matter....your swab is way too busy the first few days to get to their mail.

The bins are left outside, usually at some point in the sun, so if anything is heat sensitive (food, etc..) be careful using them.

the bin is handy if you want to drop off something you purchase on R-Day (the only thing that comes to mind is one of the chapters sells the small shelf storage bins). The bin is also nice for small things like cards, etc....
perfect....I will wait to purchase the bin when we are there and then send items for it at a later time, you have been so very helpful, thank you so much for responding to all my crazy questions.
Again I would urge you and the other parents to join the listserv as these and other issues are addressed there on a daily basis. The community support is good too. Good luck!