RADM Roberta (Bobbie) Hazard, USN (Ret)

Capt MJ

Formerly Known As Attila The Hunnette
10-Year Member
Sep 27, 2008
Admiral Hazard was a pioneer, only the third woman to make flag rank in the Navy’s unrestricted line community. For context, until the late 60’s-early 70’s, women were not permitted to hold flag rank, or even a permanent rank of captain (O-6). There was a female Navy captain, a commander (O-5) temporarily promoted as head of the Navy Nurse Corps, who, at retirement, was returned to former rank.

Bobbie Hazard opened doors for me as a junior officer, and her example and achievements helped set the stage for opening all communities to women. She died earlier this year, and is being interred in Arlington National Cemetery, after a 1245 service at the Old Post Chapel, Ft. Myer, VA, on 2 Nov. It kills me I won’t be there (running a conference out of town) to join the turnout, but I honor her with sharing her story: