Ranger Challenge- worth it?


Jul 11, 2019
With it being 6/7 days a week I wanted to ask if it’s generally worth it having to balance that, school work, & other activities.. while pretty much giving up a social life. Personally I’d enjoy and prefer going hard at the gym with my friends, participating in a sport/ other clubs & having a productive, but fun college experience..... all the while setting myself up with the best shot to get my top branch & component selection.
Is there a separate Ranger Challenge tab aside from that yellow Ranger tab that comes with Ranger School graduation?
No. It means nothing in the Army. A LT saying this one time in ranger challenge will find himself tapped to the barrel of his combat vehicle.

Infantry branch may give you an extra boost if you did RC during branching. But no feedback on that as of yet.
It is honestly only worth it if you truly want to do it. It isn't going to be fun exciting training. Most of it will be mentally and physically exhausting. If you put 100% in you are sure to get something out of it. If you're not committed, you are probably just wasting your time and the rest of the team. Doing it will not put you at the top of your class but of course, will help you improve physically and mentally.