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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Voyager20, Dec 13, 2015.

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    Has any ever heard of a re-applicant who has either 1. went to college immediately after HS but did not do ROTC or 2. took a gap year and was able to successfully re-apply for the service academies?
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    Don't know about gap year, but I believe many have had success with option 1. My understanding is that the academies like reaplicants who attend college and take hard core classes like calc and chem. I think it is important that you do well in class. ROTC is not required for that option, but probably doesn't hurt.

    We were told by USMA RO that they favor reaplicants. It shows great commitment. I assume it is looked at the same way at USNA.
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    My DD went to college immediately after high school (received the TWE). She did not do ROTC in college, reapplied, and is now C/O 2019.
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    My DS received a TWE last April from USNA and decided on a gap/PG year even though he had been successfully accepted to 5 other very good colleges. After such a huge let down, that next move had to be his decision 100% even though my husband and I had heard a gap year may not be the best option from a SA viewpoint. He is not doing ROTC but did receive a 4 year N-ROTC scholarship for next fall. He is currently taking 5 college level/PG courses: Multivariable Calculus, College Chem + a double Lab, English, a government type history class, and one other class that I can't think of right now. His Navy rep had suggested what his schedule should look like in order to be even more competitive this time around. Although he hasn't heard from USNA yet, he did receive an LOE from USMA and should be hearing about nomination this week (fingers crossed). I plan on posting whether he gets in or not on his second try after a gap/PG year just because it doesn't seem to be a common option.

    Side note: My DS had only applied to USNA last year, but this year, after many visits to all of the SA's, he absolutely wanted to reapply to USNA but also added USMA and Coast Guard so we'll see if he gets into any or all after a gap year.

    I have also heard , as brovol said above, that re-applicants are viewed as showing great commitment.
    I hope that is true and good luck with your plan! ;)

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