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    My DS is going to re-apply to the CGA. He knows quite a bit already about the re-application process, however, a few details are important. His first year
    at a major University he will take a Engineering course load and try to get a high GPA, pick a sport each season, and potentially do Navy ROTC. He will take writing, and perhaps the two Military courses ROTC suggests for the first year.

    Does anyone know who he should collect new references from?
    Does anyone know how they calculate the academic portion of the application when one re-applies?
    Has anyone found successful ideas at a large University to demonstrate leadership?

    He has a laundry list of employers and about 9 in his personal file, however
    he has sent them along the way, as he had new accomplishments while on the wait list, and he has sent in for 2018 application as a means of updating the committee of his accomplishments. Shall he get all new references or hand pick the top references and re-submit them?

    He is taking a breather right now and working two jobs this summer and leaves for whitwater/mountain leadership camp Aug 18.
    He has options for Coast Guard Auxillary (perhaps) in Salt Lake, Utah or taking rescue courses in the mountains (as he is a good skier, mountaineer), and was a strong all around Decathalete. He is going to have to change sports, as he is a track star, but there won't be any track and field at his University. He is a strong nordic and down hill athlete, and may need to try his hand at new sports (football is his interest that he could do for intramurals).

    Where should he focus his efforts outside academics?

    Thanks so much!
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    If your DS's University has rowing you might want to try that sport. The learning curve is realively shorter than in other sports and the CGA has a very competitive mens and womens program. Good luck in the process.

    Sculler Dad
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    My son went from water polo in HS, to crew during his reapplication year. Being used to early morning practices and grinding workouts in the pool and weight room made it an "easy" switch. :thumb:
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    My advise to your son would be to establish a relationship with his Admissions Officer. If it means making a trip to CGA, it will be well worth it. My son would not have got in, if it was not for his admissions officer.

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