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    Hey everyone,

    Congrats to all those who received appointments, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. I had a couple general questions about the re-application process.

    1. How much of my application can I use from last year? Will I be able to use my CFA/SAT/ACT scores?
    2. Do the essays change every year?
    3. How do I go about finding out what was the weak point of my application?
    4. Have all falcon foundation scholarships and prep school appointments gone out?
    5. Will I use my GPA from my senior year of high school, as well as my class rank?

    Thanks to everyone who answers, I appreciate your time.

    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

    USAFA Candidate Class of 2018

    Nomination from Sen. Mark Warner
    Nomination from Congressman Frank Wolf
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    DODMERB is good for 2 years so that won't have to be re-done.

    However, if you didn't get in with your package this year, what makes you think it would work next year? If you want a different result, I would think you would need to do different preparations. I certainly would re-do the CFA, essay and standardized tests.

    I know that USNA will tell candidates what they need to improve after April 15th, maybe USAFA will do the same but I wouldn't contact admissions until all the notifications were finished.

    Good luck with your re-application and plan A2.
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    I was in the exact same spot last year. I didn't get an appointment but wanted to reapply. I did so and received an appointment for the class of 2018.

    1. You can use your ACT/SAT scores from last year, but you will need to resubmit them (but you do not have to retake them). You must retake the CFA.

    2. Yes the essays change. The number that I had to write actually changed from last year if I remember correctly.

    3.I asked my ALO what was weak on my application and he told me that he did not know why I didn't get in and there is no real way to find out. I looked at my application and reasoned through it and tried to improve myself. This could mean retaking ACT, getting a better CFA score etc.

    4. Can't help you on this one. When I got the no my letter said that I was not considered for prep school.

    5.Yes you will keep your high school GPA and class rank. (Don't slack off now!)

    This past year I attended a regular university and joined AFROTC (without a scholarship). This gave me a chance to experience the college and military life and make my decision whether or not I wanted to reapply. Being active in ROTC and college activities will definitely help your app. especially if you get leadership positions.

    Don't give up, you'll be a year older and wiser and I'm sure your ALO will be able to help you.:thumb:
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    I would think that the falcon scholarships have been sent out yet. My year I didn't get my letter until a couple weeks after I got my TWE and a lot of my NWP classmates got theirs even end of April beginning of May. There's always hope for that! Even without a falcon foundation scholarship, most of my classmates at NWP were free-agents/self prep which is always an option. Kuddos on your persistence!
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    :thumb: Agreed! Same situation here. TWE last year appointment this year. 1-5 agreed with spacetrent. Try again if need be, but continue doing things to better yourself and show leadership, character, and academic excellence.
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    For Falcon Scholars, the Academy rebuilds your app using last year’s information. If memory serves me, other than a new CFA, updated SAT/ACT scores and a new nomination, there was nothing else required of the applicant. My 2016er was a Falcon during the 2011 – 2012 year so this information could be outdated already.

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