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Just Dad

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Sep 14, 2015
What are the elements/factors of the "Military Performance" grade referenced in the
Superintendent's List?

If you make Sup's List are you auto for the Dean's List?
Military Performance grade is, in general, many of those things that don't get an academic course letter grade. In-company performance in military duties and attitude.

USNAINST 1531.51 series, as I recall, discussed the various grades and how academic order of merit and overall order of merit were calculated. There will be some discussion there of various grading areas.

I am not current on whether conduct demerits/conduct grades are scooped up in the military performance grade as calculated under present policy. No doubt a current mid or recent grad will know.

Supe's List (occasionally known for the "Nerd Star" pin) is a composite, excellent grades, excellent scores all other areas, no major misconduct.