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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Usnavy2019, May 30, 2015.

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    I will be attending Massachusetts Maritime Academy and doing Navy SSOP. I will be majoring in Marine Transportation and I am reapplying to the Naval Academy. My first question is that my courses are scheduled in a way that places Calculus 1 in second semester. Will this negatively affect my application? If so, could the engineering course possibly balance it out? My courses are as follows:
    Semester 1:
    Engineering Systems and Safety
    English Composition
    Algebra and Trigonometry
    Chemistry I
    STCW Basic Training

    Sea Term

    Semester 2:
    Analysis and Interpretation of Literature
    Calculus 1
    College Physics I
    Western Civilization
    Coastal Navigation
    STCW Survival Craft

    My second question is that I have recently took up flying since I want to be a Naval Aviator or Naval Flight Officer. I only have 4.3 hours so far. Will the Academy factor this in to my candidate score even though I do not have a license yet?

    Thanks for your help!
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    I would contact admissions to ask about those class timing things.
    Can't guess as to the flying-although having a license would probably be a bump.
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    Agree about checking with your RD. I don't think Algebra and Trig will help. I don't know enough about your engineering course to know if it will be sufficient to "substitute" for math. Not sure about your total semester hours but you should be taking at least 15 (the minimum at USNA) of actual class hours -- I don't see the "basic training" as counting in that regard but don't know enough about it to be certain.

    You would certainly be better off with Calc and/or Physics in your first semester, in addition to Chem and English.

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