Reapplicant - USAFA requested a Present Health Questionnaire


Jan 30, 2017
I have only submitted a few things for USAFA so far, not anywhere near the 50% threshold that I have been told about where academies act upon, (Navy is my #1, WP is #2) and they have requested a Present Health Questionnaire. Is this a sign of early interest (wishful thinking)? Or some other reason? I feel like it'd be a waste of their time to request something from a candidate with barely any info on their portal if they were not prepared to encourage that candidate in the form of an LOE/LOA. Thoughts/opinions?
Since you are a re-applicant, they already have most of your information on file. It sounds like you have a strong application and your existing information has you competitive. I would complete the form. It is pretty straight foward
The Present Health Questionnaire is asked for when you already of qualified DODMERB. They want the questionnaire to determine if there has been a change in your health since you were qualified.

You only need to take the DODMERB once to be qualified for any of the academies or ROTC.