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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by futuresoldier5211, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Hey guys, this is my first time posting on the USMA thread, but have found it real helpful.
    I was planning on attending USNA for a long time because I wanted to be a Marine. However, I wrote the Army off. I'm not sure why, honestly. But as soon as I looked into the Army I got more excited than ever. So, I went and completed my application for West point and ROTC ASAP. However, I did not receive a nomination for West Point because at the time of interviews I had it ranked very low. So, I ended up receiving a 4-year scholarship froman ROTC to RPI. So here is where I come to my issue. My goal truly is to become an officer in the Army. Is reapplying for West point worth putting myself back a year of achieving my ultimate goal? Also, my goal is to become an Infantry Officer and hopefully get the chance to get to Ranger school for 63 days and become an elite soldier if that helps at all.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Most young people today take 4.5-5 years to finish college. Reapplying puts you w/ the majority (esp STEM majors). My son was not accepted for the c/o 2018, did a year of ROTC, reapplied, and is now finishing plebe year w/ c/o 2019. A year of college put him at great advantage academically. Jake from Wisconsin, also on this page, reapplied and will be a part of the class of 2020. If attending West Point is your dream, reapply. If you just want the commission and don't care about the source, stay w/ your current plan.
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    There are many who apply two or three times and finally get in. Its all up to you and your goals in life. Is it worth the effort? It just depends on the goals you have. There is a tipping point, if you already have two years of more of college under your belt then you need to ask yourself to stay the course or go to school a few more years. It just depends what you want out of life.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    Before you reapply please evaluate your situation. If you want West Point more than anything and understand what you would actually be getting yourself into I suggest reapplying. If you are even slightly unsure and are doing well in regular college consider sticking through regular college. Do what will make you happy.
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    It's worth it if you really want to go to WP. You'll be an Army officer either way - through WP or ROTC. But, like civic29 said, you really need to evaluate how bad you want it. Many re-apps will say that their dream is WP and only WP, but come to find out, after a year in college, they are perfectly happy staying where they are.

    About 25% of the cadets do not come straight out of high school. You would not be the only one, by far.
    There are some advantages of being part of that 25%. You will be more mature. You will have been in a college environment for a year (or more). Leadership positions at WP may be more available to you as an 'older' cadet.
    I know a cadet who came into WP after 2 years at a very selective college. An appointee in my district will have 3 years of college under their belt when they report to R-day.

    If going AD is important to you, then you will get AD through WP. Not guaranteed through ROTC.

    It doesn't hurt to start re-applying. If you change your mind after you've been at RPI for a semester, you can always pull your application.
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    DD is a re-applicant because she wanted to go to WP. Her overnight visit as a senior in high school re- assured her this is where she was supposed to be. However, after she had not received admission on her first application and considered the fact that this would extend her college education another year, she was unsure if she wanted to re-apply to WP. She was able to attend the cadet for a day program and this event cemented in her mind WP was where she was supposed to be for school and where she wanted to graduate from to serve her country. DD has been attending a local college and participates in ROTC . She feels this has better prepared her for academics as well as the military aspect of WP. The college life, as she has experienced for a year, has not changed her decision on where she is supposed to be. DD has been given full support and encouragement from the ROTC staff. This is what is right for her, this is worth it for her.
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    You have nothing to lose by applying. By applying you give yourself options. Not applying jeans you'll never know!! Do well your first year and reapply!! Go for it!!
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    A friend of mine did a year at RPI and is here now. Something like 25% of cadets did a year of prep or college. If you want to go to West Point, go to RPI, have fun do college stuff, then reapply. Success can be found, you just have to be patient and keep working for it.
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