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Aug 2, 2006
I will probably give it another go in applying to USMA even though I have an ROTC scholarship. I was just wondering would I be able to get out of my ROTC contract if I get an appointment to USMA and does having the scholarship at all help my chances?

Funny how I say I will apply again but seeing as how all army commissions are the same and I am already going to an SMC I probably wont want to redo my first year at USMA. lol
Yes you may get out of your ROTC contract - an appointment to West Point makes any other contract you have with the Army null and void. No problem.
As far as accepting a scholarship - it does show admissions that you are serious about an Army career. Remember you have another nomination source (throught ROTC) as well.
On the other hand Chip, Norwich is a great school. If you get there and absolutely love it - you have done well.