Reason for denial from academy?

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    Hey guys!

    I was just wondering while writing some nomination essays, if I am denied by a service academy, do they give a reason? Like "not academically qualified", or something like "didn't show enough leadership"? I ask because I am sure a lot of hopefuls that are denied appointments are left questioning why, and I dread that day if I too am not appointed.

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    The way it worked this year was that if you were not academically qualified, then you were told on the portal I believe and if you were academically qualified, you continued with the application. I think most people aren't really told the reason they didn't get an appointment. For the vast majority, there is no glaring deficiency except for the amount of slots the applicant's state has. If their state gets 4 slots and they are the fifth most qualified person, then they are out of luck. If you end up getting denied, you can always contact Admissions and get feedback. I am not sure how much they will/won't share with you though. My advice to you: Put your best foot forward, try your best, and have a solid Plan B, C and D.
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