Rec’s for a place to stay for a NYC jaunt?

Fort Hamilton is cheap and safe with free parking. Rooms are not fancy but designed for families with common areas. 7 minute walk to subway for quick 15 minute ride to Manhattan.

Not right in the action but a viable option.

And they have a Class VI.
Katz's is Ok for the Lower East Side experience, but this is the best Pastrami sandwich in NYC.

When I came back to the City in 1987, I lived in Kew Gardens in Queens. Right across Queens Blvd from Borough Hall was a strip of stores/services/restaurants that catered to the govt types during the week. Once a month on Saturday I'd get my haircut at the barber shop and then go next door to a place called Pastrami King for a sandwich. A really old school kosher deli - formica furniture and they still put jars of schmaltz (rendered chicken fat for you non-Yiddish speakers) on the table. Best pastrami I'd ever had. Moved to Manhattan a few years later and had to develop a new routine.

Anyway, a few years ago I'm on the Upper West Side and see a sign for a place called Pastrami Queen. I stop in for a bite and it was great. I made a comment like "I haven't had a sandwich this good since the Pastrami King on Queens Blvd". The owner said "We are the same family who owned that place". Small world.
1125 Lexington Ave!