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    I have a question about applying to different academies and the nomination process. I am very familiar about it when it only concerns just one academy and focusing to get in to just that one academy. But, when it comes to two different academies, is it a blank nom if you get into both or if they designate one you can only go there, even if maybe you get into the other?
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    I assume you're talking about MOC noms. They are to specific SAs. An MOC can nominate you to any SAs to which you apply for a nom. So, if you want an MOC nom for USNA and USMA, you must "check both boxes" on your MOCs application, or list them both, etc. You typically need only complete one application.

    Some MOCs will force you to rank your SAs by preference or maybe only choose one at the time you apply for a nom. That is up to the individual MOC.

    You cannot use an MOC nom to one SA to gain an appointment to another SA.

    Presidential noms can be used for any SA to which you have applied.

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