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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Blake92, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Hey all,

    Got a AFROTC pilot slot today and couldnt be more excited. My scores were pretty high (95 PCSM, 3.6 GPA, 97 PFA, SP @ FT, 1-2/17 rating, etc). I wasnt too surprised getting a pilot slot, and my real focus is on ENJJPT boards. When do those results come out?

    Also, are the slots based on the same information that was just used for selecting pilot slots, or do they pull new information when they are looking at ENJJPT applicants? I ask because while my GPA has gone up, the new PCSM scoring has lowered my PCSM significantly (0 flight hours) and now im curious if that is going to play a part in the selection. I'd imagine theyd still use the original scores submitted for rated slots.

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    Congratulations on the pilot slot! Hopefully I find out from my det tomorrow.

    Not that it matters for this board, but my PCSM score went from 65 to 53 and AFOQT-Pilot from 81 to 85. For those interested, info on PCSM 2.0 can be found here.
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    I wouldn't worry about PCSM changing because everyone's is going to change.

    The question is why you want ENJJPT? If it is for fighters just remember that Buffs were dropped there just like the other bases. One base got a was Columbus.

    Days long gone by you were guaranteed a fighter, but not anymore. I am not saying you shouldn't go that path, just asking the motivation for the decision.

    As far as I know is you will find out in the fall @end of Oct. I believe they use your same scores for UPT selection and take a certain number off of that list.

    Right now if I were you I would do two things.
    1. Get your medical files in order for your long physical that will occur this summer...maybe...sequestration may change that because they fly you out to WPAFB for a 3 day physical.

    When DS went, there were about 100 cadets, several of them were DQ'd out of there. One of his friend's was picked up off the alt. list because of those that were DQ'd.

    2. Get some flight hours under your belt. IFS is easier than UPT, but still not a cake walk.

    DS is there currently, he has solo'd, but didn't complete his PPL (went off to college). The very 1st day they are tested on academics, out of 22 students, 6 busted the test. They had a re-test for them on Wed. They than had another different test on Thursday. The students that passed last Friday had 6 days to study, those that busted had a night.

    FWIW, the 1st test they had the material for months and months. It wasn't a pop quiz.

    If they busted yesterday's test they wouldn't be having their 1st flight today. They were having to re-take that one now.

    It is a lot of academics and flying. Landing is where many trip up. Bullet's co-worker came from there as an instructor, he told our DS that about 25-30% do not graduate from IFS.

    If you look at the 6 that busted out of 22 on the 1st test, you can see that %. I am not saying they won't graduate, but on their 1st day they put a spotlight right on them for the IPs to watch more closely.

    Good luck. Congrats. Enjoy the time.

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