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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by bgeary07, Jun 24, 2014.

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    I am a rising junior in high school and I have a few questions about recruiting to the Naval Academy. I am very interested in playing soccer for them but I am wondering how I approach this situation. I have e-mailed the head coach, but due to NCAA rules I'm not sure she can reply yet. I also was not able to play travel soccer this year due to my commitment to travel softball. I do play and start for our high school's varsity team. We are ranked 5th (triple A) in the state and have won our athletic conference cup tournament. So I guess my main question is what should I do to strengthen my chances of getting recruited or getting good contact with the coach?
    (Sorry I'm not quite sure how to word this question)

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    If you go to the Navy Sports website there is a questionaire you can fill out. Coaches this time of year are really busy dealing with camps, the new class of Plebes arriving very shortly and recruiting the soon to be seniors. They are also getting ready for a season that starts in about 7 weeks. As you probably know the Navy Women's Soccer Team is top notch and recruits very good future players (and man some of them are geniuses and top Mids... not sure how coach does it, but she gets some folks who are out of this world on and off the field). You mention a very good high school and that is great, but remember they are recruiting you... not your team. Personal accomplishments are key, so make sure to brag about yourself too. Not sure of your family finances or your location, but attending a Navy Women's Soccer Camp will put you on campus, learning from the coaches, interacting with a few players and they get a shot to watch you play and interact with you.
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    Remember this is a D1 women's soccer program. You are starting a bit late, but there are thngs you can do to get evaluated and perhaps on their radar as a potential recruit.

    1. Call the coach-you are coming late to the party, so you need to be proactive with your contact. Leave a voicemail, but don't expect them to call you back. Keep calling until you talk to someone.
    2. As mentioned above, fill out the recruit questionnaire.
    3. Send them a link to your it to YouTube and send it out. If you don't have film your chances of getting recruited are very slim. Consolidate about a 3-5 minute film with no music or graphics (other than spot shadows or arrows pointing you out). Put your best clips at the beginning of the film. If you don't have any game film yet, at least cobble together some film from a couple of training sessions and post it.
    4. Email and stay in touch with your schedule...D1 soccer coaches aren't very interested in your HS varsity team. The quality of HS soccer is very poor as a rule of thumb. Send them info on any showcases, tournaments, or ID camps you are doing with your club team.
    5. Attend the USNA prospect camp (last one this year starts later this week).
    6. Ask your club DOC to make contact with the USNA coaching staff on your behalf.

    Good luck.

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