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    Hello! I am new to the forums and have a couple of questions. I just started my Junior year. Last year I failed the geometry regents but passed the class. Will I be automatically denied for not having an advanced regents diploma? How and when can I retake it? (Im in New York) Also, when do I need Teacher recommendations, and is there a specific format for them?

    Thank you!
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    Welcome to the forum DeltaHunter ! I will let someone else answer the regents questions you have because I am not qualified to do so. As for Teacher Recommendations, when you apply to the Academy and they deem you as a competitive applicant/candidate, USAFA will supply the forms for the Teacher Recommendations. They will inform you in your candidate packet (which is online portal) which teachers you may use, the deadline for when they are due, etc. The way it was when my son applied, the teachers sent the forms in directly. Remember, in addition to the recommendations you may also have 3 (I think) letters written on your behalf by whomever you choose to send in to USAFA admissions. Also keep in mind that letters of recommendation are usually a part of your packet you submit to congress members for nominations.

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