Remedial Concerning torn PCL/ROTC scholarship

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    I was awarded a 4 year scholarship to ISU for the Army ROTC program but i was medically disqualified due to an uncorrected torn PCL in my left knee. The surgeon I went to see said that I didn't need any surgery and I was able to continue all physical activities in my senior year of high school. I was cleared over a year ago but i am now being disqualified by DoDMERB. I would just like to know what the odds are of my waiver allowing me to be accepted by ROTC program? I have provided medical papers from my physician releasing me to physical activity and passed the physical examination without any problems for the required physical for the scholarship.
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    I know people with torn (repaired) ACLs who have been given appointments to service academies.
    Honestly, you won't know until you try. Everyone's situation is different and each is given a thorough and careful review. Good luck!
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    ALEX_OZ_ISUROTC, since you have been awarded a scholarship the DQ will automatically be reviewed by cadet command surgeon general. To help your cause make sure you have all of your medical records pertaining to the injury, exam and diagnosis. Be prepared to supply letters from coaches and a letter stating the type of activities you have participated in after the injury. I would also seek out a retired military orthopedic surgeon (preferably Army since you are AROTC) to examine your PCL. If warranted by the diagnosis the military Dr. may be able to draft a letter that greatly helps your cause in that they know the terminology and exactly what the surgeon general is looking for. Lastly, google DoDMERB consultants for addational help. Best of luck:thumb:

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