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    I received a request for a remedial about three weeks ago. I followed through on that request and had the remedial completed. Now the place that i received my remedial is trying to charge me for the cost of the screening. I thought that these appointments were all paid for and that we must not give out insurance cards or anything like that.
    So my question is: Should I first call the place where I received the remedial or call Concorde and tell them that I was miss-charged for this request sent by DoDMERB.
    Thank you.
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    From the DoDMERB page FAQ #7:

    Who pays for the additional tests, evaluations, or information known as "remedials"?

    Remedials are either administrative or medical.

    Administrative remedials DO NOT require a medical appointment and the Department of Defense will not pay for any costs associated with administrative remedials. Administrative remedials generally ask for medical records or the completion of a questionnaire.

    Medical remedials DO require a medical appointment to complete. The Department of Defense will pay for medical tests and medical evaluations that are completed by our remedial contractor (currently Concorde, Inc.) or in Military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF). Nearly every medical remedial DoDMERB requests can be completed through our remedial contractor, which is why this is the preferred method. Not all MTFs have the capability to complete some of our remedials.

    Please note: Some remedials are specifically requested to be accomplished at an MTF and in those particular instances; your remedial request letter will specify that.

    DoDMERB is not authorized to, nor will pay medical treatment costs for any injury, disease, condition, and/or illness. Any and all medical and dental treatment costs are the full responsibility of the applicant. If you go to a civilian practitioner of your choice without using our remedial contractor, you are responsible for all costs associated with these additional tests, evaluations, or information. Transportation, lodging, copying, etc., costs would be the responsibility of the applicant and will not be reimbursed.

    From the DoDMETS page FAQs:

    Q: Am I responsible for payment of the medical exam?
    No. Concorde has contracted with local physicians in all 50 States to provide the required medical and optometric examinations. If your assigned Doctor asks for payment or authorization to do testing beyond the required physical, please call Concorde -immediately at 215-587-9600.
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