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    Hi I recently checked my dodmerb account and it says I am remedial for the USMA and USAFA. The page did not show a code but it is most likely for my shoulder surgery history. I have read that I will get information in the mail on what to do, but the mail will not arrive until a week or two later. Are there any steps I should take before hand such as get a doctor's note? Also how much will this delay the process? Thank you!
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    There is not much you Need to do before hand, but if your are somewhat certain that it is for your shoulder surgery, you may want to start to get copies up your medical records. You may want to find or get a document from your physician that says your shoulder has fully recovered with complete range of motion or something similar. They could ask for records specific to your shoulder or they could ask for all of your medical records. You could call to see what the remedial code is and what they are requesting. As for timing, that is a big variable. It could be weeks to months, depending on how large your file is. You are early in the process so there is plenty of time, but the wait will be painful.

    Best of luck.

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