Report urges more combat pay for junior troops

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by bruno, Jun 22, 2012.

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    'Bout time. Every Service member deployed does not face the same risks and it is a travesty to reward those in relatively safe and comfortable rear echelon assignments - deployed or not- the same or even better benefits than those doing most of the fighting and dying -and make no mistake there are definitely branches and units that are doing the heavy lifting in these wars- take a look at the Army times "Faces of the fallen" and see who the preponderance of KIA's are, and what branch and MOS they have.
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    Unfortunately I don't feel like you can simply do it justice the way that has been proposed. I would propose that you do it based on what you actually do while deployed.

    Take my prior squadron: the pilots and aircrew faced far more danger than the aircraft maintainers. This proposal would not meet that risk/reward ratio.

    Or take physicians: a large percentage sit in Role 3 hospitals on large bases; however, there are also many who face daily dangers by traveling the roads of Kandahar trying to build a medical system. Those are usually senior physicians and I would say they are in danger every time they go out the wire. Not quite the same as those on patrol, but yet the danger is much higher than those who sit in the role 3 hospital.

    I would suggest instead of changing the current pay structure they consider adding on an additional pay for those who have the more dangerous routine daily life.

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